Soul Stories hosts conversations that facilitate personal healing, human connection and social change
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Stories have the ability to both divides and connect us. Our stories of ‘others’ can be incomplete and filled with assumptions. We help people develop skills to have challenging conversations within and between communities so we can move past the issues separating us and preventing progress.

Over the last 5 years, we have hosted over 100 events that have impacted 2,500+ participants in the metro Denver area.

It’s more important now than ever that we learn how to be in dialogue with one another so we can build healthy communities and relationships.


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In this time of isolation, we gather around the virtual fire to connect. Campfire is a weekly space for open dialogue, story sharing, and creative expression.

As the guides of the evening, we will set the tone, structure, and facilitate the event, but this event is intended to be improvised by the attendees. Come experiment with us!

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RECIPE for Community: Stories from Denver's Past

It is impossible to truly know something until you know where it came from. In the fast-changing city of Denver, protecting history is imperative. Hear from Frank Smith, an 80 year old, Black, lifelong Denver resident, as he and his family share stories from of their lives and how Denver has changed all around them. 

This will be a Zoom interview livestreamed through Facebook.

Podcast Episodes

We just released a 5 episode season discussing racism, immigration, and spirituality! 

There was a special episode called "How Violin Vigils for Elijah McClain Spread Nationally" in which we talked to the McClains and other guests who helped spark a movement!

We will have a season on mental health and healing coming soon :)



Conversations with change-makers, stories from our events and more! Click below to read about whom we have featured so far.


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Our expertise is storytelling and dialogue!





Participate at monthly 1st Sundays, co-created events on social issues, and our twice yearly, Liminal storytelling series.


1st Sunday's

Un/pact: Sexual Consent

Approaching the Unknown: Science & Creativity 

Liminal: A Storytelling Event

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