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A seated man talking to an older woman with seated people listening in the background


Our team of facilitators focuses on creating "Soul Stories Magic" which is the experience of feeling fully connected to your community of participants after discussing vulnerable and sometimes difficult topics. We put thought into every question, activity, and minute of our workshops to make sure our community gets the best possible experience. Each event and workshop is built utilizing principles of social-emotional learning,


  • Created in 2022 and is now our main monthly event at The Mercury Cage

  • The Quest! is a combination of personal, vulnerable storytelling and play-based activities. Attendees are taken through a fantasitical story that allows them to better connect with themselves and their fellow participants.

  • It is loosely based off Dungeons and Dragons and it is easily accessible for all newcomers looking to play!

A Conversation Between Liberals and Conservatives


  • Hosted a conversation on politics, with equal numbers of people that planned to vote red or blue in the highly contentious 2020 election

  • This conversation was hosted in the wake of protests, covid, and the heated political state of the US in 2020. 

  • We structured the dialogue where people focused on understanding why "the other" came to their beliefs


  • A four part Zoom series hosted by local artist, poet, and educator Bushenga AaronAli

  • Over four thousand total viewer tuned in on Facebook Live

  • Bushenga spoke with 16 local Black leaders about the Black experience during the summer of 2020



We work with local artists, storytellers and non-profits to create transformational storytelling experiences that often humanize social issues and help us dig deep into the imperfect experience of being human. We work closely with all presenters to help them craft and share a story or performance that they feel proud of and will positively impact our audience members.

Woman standing behind a microphone telling a story to the audience



  • In collaboration with Kristen Wade, PhD, & University of Colorado Anschutz Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • We hosted one event for 300 people at a local art gallery. This event is transitioning into a free-standing org led by Kristen!

  • 5 scientists and artists worked together to make unique 15 minute storytelling performances

Humanizing the Other

Through Song

  • Collaboration with University of Denver: College of Musicology and The Spirituals Project

  • We are currently working on the first of this annual event

  • Community members who are Black will tell stories interwoven with "Spirituals", which are religious folksong originally created by enslaved peoples.

A Storytelling Event


  • In collaboration with Stain'd Arts and the Mercury Cafe

  • We have hosted 6 events ) to audiences of between 90 and 175

  • We work closely with storytellers and artists to tell vulnerable stories and create unique artistic performances about times they have existed within the "Liminal Space"

Would you or your organization like to host an event or experience to facilitate these conversations, events, and circles?

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