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A group of people standing and holding a hand mande Soul Stories sign


A similing woman wearing a hat

Shelsea Ochoa

Creative Director

Shelsea is an artist, activist, Social Worker, and a proud Mama. When she is not producing events and facilitating dialogues with Soul Stories, you can find her facilitating group therapy at "Comedy is Therapy", where she utilizes improv theater to support adults with Social Anxiety. She dreams of a world that prioritizes care for our planet and all people.

A man standing in a stairwell looking up at the camera

Noah Kaplan

Director of Youth Curriculum

Noah has 10 years experience developing and implementing student centered curriculum in classrooms designing and implementing fun, meaningful, and growth oriented experiences based in extensive training and research. He is currently the lead on curriculum development, facilitation and training for our Mental Wellness Storytelling Workshops for middle and high schools.


Angelina Gallagher

Mental Wellness Storytelling Facilitator

Angelina is from Colorado and grew up in Colorado Springs. She moved to Denver 4 years ago pursuing education and is a recent First Generation MSU graduate. She is a creative with a background in theatre and slam poetry. Angelina is passionate about being able to tell stories and cultivate a space of healing through art and community. She facilitates and co-plans our Mental Wellness Storytelling workshops for adolescents!


Aliza Saper

The Quest! Facilitator

Aliza is an interdisciplinary artist, and creative educator from Denver, CO. With a degree in physical theatre, she is a passionate storyteller and collaborator, and has years of experience generating rapport with audiences of all ages through silliness and play. She first encountered Soul Stories during the inaugural season of their community event, The Quest, and was so taken with the concept; she wanted to make an impact behind the scenes as well. She now aids in planning and facilitating the event, and hand-paints lots of pins! You can also find her around the local poetry circuit, and in pursuit of authentic community gathering spaces across Denver.

A man smiling with a colorful background

Joe Horton


Joe is a multidisciplinary designer and creative in Denver, CO. He enjoys solving problems while creating beautiful and functional designs that increase awareness and assist in the growth of new businesses and organizations. In his spare time, Joe can be found woodworking and turning found and reclaimed objects into practical objects for everyday use. Joe is the designer behind many of the visuals used by Soul Stories.

A seated man wearing glasses smiling

Danny Mazur

Founder & Executive Director

Danny is a facilitator, storyteller and mental health professional. He started Soul Stories in 2014 with the help of a dear friend Alex Black, shortly after his mom overdosed (and thankfully survived). You can hear his full story in his TedxBoulder talk "Creating Connection Through Dialogue". He believes that our world is in need of deep healing, honest conversations, and social equity.

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