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The Changing Face of Denver:

An Exploration in Race and Ethnicity

Denver Public Library

To create a space where the community could explore how Denver is quickly gentrifying. Our goal was to allow people to unite by asking the question “what has been your experience with race?” In this space, the community could form connections by having a deeper understanding of each other.


"This type of program is a bit outside the lines of the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library's typical offerings. However, the topics, energy and the vulnerability expressed at the Soul Stories events held at the library were a refreshing and incredibly rewarding experience for all; host and participants alike."

Hadiya Evans, LPA,

The Blair-Caldwell African American Library

Photo Credit: Bri Erger

Liminal: A Storytelling Event

Stain’d Arts and Whittier Cafe

Photo Credits: Stain'd Arts

Twice a year Stain’d Arts and Soul Stories host a storytelling event called LIMINAL. The LIMINAL series is an experiment in pushing audiences to the edge of their comfort zones through the art of storytelling.  LIMINAL strives to celebrate difference and push ourselves to challenge our own assumptions. Eight storytellers are selected and go through an extensive feedback process to ensure they are telling and performing the highest quality story that is most true for them.


“Our collaboration with Soul Stories has fostered a space within the Stain’d community for oral storytelling. Soul Stories’ unique ability to create an atmosphere of vulnerability has expanded our capacity to fully engage an audience in the artwork, and conversations we curate. As an organization, Stain’d focuses on subversive arts. We seek to produce content that will de-familiarize you, perhaps make you uncomfortable, perhaps disrupt a held belief. Soul Stories has facilitated many events with us and each time has built the space for the intensity of the content to follow. Because of Danny’s authenticity and expertise in building with an audience a sense of familiarity and ease, these partnerships has given us an additional avenue through which to access individuals, pose the questions we are grappling with, and incite dialogue through art.”


Delia Lajeunesse, Executive Director,

Stain’d Arts

US-Brazil Connect 

US-Brazil Connect 

Photo Credit: Bri Erger

"Working with Danny Mazur and the Soul Stories community has been a very positive experience.


Our work at US-Brazil Connect is about building relationships, especially between young people who may have different and unique life experiences, and building future leaders. It is about providing transformational experiences, creating spaces of respect and compassion, and providing meaningful international experiences for emerging professionals in the US and Brazil; it's about developing the next generation of conscious global citizens.


Each year, we invite the top Brazilian participants to come to Denver, CO for a two-week immersion trip. For the past two years we have reached out to Danny and the Soul Stories community to facilitate a Soul Stories session with the students during their time in Denver. In the Soul Stories sessions the students opened up in ways I hadn't seen before, they expressed themselves freely (in a language they were still learning!), and they gained a better understanding of what it means to be vulnerable.


I had been to many Soul Stories events before, and had my doubts about how Danny could adapt it for a group of English language learners. I was very impressed with the outcome. Soul Stories brings our values as an organization to life.  Without a doubt, US-Brazil Connect will continue to incorporate Soul Stories into our future programming."


Bri Erger, Director of Programs,

US-Brazil Connect