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We believe that honest human stories are at the foundation of meaningful relationships. They have the power to break down our barriers to connection. Research has shown that a well-told, engaging story creates "neural entrainment". The listeners and speaker's brains become synced, creating space for genuine, connective communication. 

Through the art of storytelling, we hope to create a society that values inclusion and belonging.

Our Method:

  • Identify a topic or question

  • A community member is selected or volunteers to speak

  • Encourage storytellers to detail experiences in stories

  • Story(ies) catalyze audience to connect and share their own perspectives and stories


  • A conversation that is based on experiential knowledge which...​​

    • Allows us to access challenging and charged topics​

    • Humanize those impacted by social issues

    • Increase connectedness among participants

Performative Storytelling:

  • Our Liminal, Un-pact and other select events involve 1:1 story coaching, group feedback, and written feedback sessions with professional and amateur storytellers

  • Story Coaches:

    • Danny Mazur​

    • Delia LaJeunesse

    • Hannah Skewes

    • Shelsea Ochoa

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