The Best Kinda Friend is the Kind...

Each month Soul Stories hosts a "1st Sunday's" conversation on a different topic. We aim to have difficult, vulnerable and connective dialogue within a supportive community. This past January our topic was "The People We Love".

One of our long time community members, Kate DeCamp has started a monthly blog for Soul Stories. She will be writing short stories based on each month's topic and we will be posting them here!

The Best Kinda Friend is the Kind...

That you don’t have to say a word to

That shares your humor of things that really aren’t that funny, yet somehow manage to summon fits of uncontrollable laughter

That doesn’t care whether you have sweatpants on or Sunday’s best

Who tells you the truth when their feelings are hurt by something you did

You can run through the sprinklers with

Who doesn’t give advice, they just listen

Who you know the perfect gift to get them

You can roll down a hill with, giggling in the muddy pit at the bottom

Who doesn’t need an explanation, they get it and more importantly they get you

Who doesn’t mind if you disappear for a few months because your dating someone new

You can climb trees with on warm Summer afternoons

Who are crazy, just like you

You can love just like family

Who likes to play games and tell stories

Who are comfortable crying and saying “I just need a hug”

That will go on a nature walk with you

You can tell about your dreams and aspirations, because they too want to be a better person and to be happier

Who don’t mind that you can’t sing, because their voice is just as out of tune as yours

Who are truly nice and smile, occasionally saying things like “fuck that guy”, only to soften the pain when other people forget to be nice and smile

That you scream in front of without worrying they’ll think you’re manic

Who ask questions and don’t impose their opinion all the time

That knows they are loved, that they are already enough

You can be yourself around, no thinking required about what to say or what to do, it’s just easy

You can make forts with and play hide-n-seek

That won’t let you make a fool of yourself without saying something

Who is still your friend even if you have an asshole moment

You can ramble with of all things deep and make believe

Whose light shines bright

Who wants your light to shine bright too

That wants your love, acknowledgment, honesty and time

Who knows how to cheer you up and also doesn’t mind sitting in the rain with you either

You know is not too good to be true, but yet is good and true, so you cherish every last minute together, however boring or fun

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