The Tree

Each month Soul Stories hosts a "1st Sunday's" conversation on a different topic. We aim to have difficult, vulnerable and connective dialogue within a supportive community. This past January our topic was "The People We Love".

One of our long time community members, Kate DeCamp has started a monthly blog for Soul Stories. She will be writing short stories based on each month's topic and we will be posting them here!

The Tree

Some say the best kind of love is the kind that doesn’t require affirmations, the kind that is simply felt and deeply known. It’s similar to the way the sun loves all that it shines upon, its rays gently kissing each cheekbone and each blade of grass. The love of the sun is pure. There are no words needed to explain this love, it just is. Tree’s know this from deep within their roots because they too are pure. So they eagerly expand their branches to this love, and allow their leaves to receive each ray’s kiss. Just as the sun basks in the perfection of the tree, the tree basks in the love of the sun. The tree is not angered by the sun on a cloudy day, and the tree can still feel the sun’s love even during the winter when all its leaves have fallen. The sun never has to whisper “I love you” in order to cheer up the tree, and the tree never has to dance in order to get the sun’s approval. Whether the tree loves the sun or not, the sun loves the tree all the same, and this is the best kind of love. By knowing and feeling this pure love the tree now can share this pure love. So the tree does just that, sharing its pure love with all of the birds and squirrels. The tree never has to ask for anything in exchange, quite happy providing a refuge as it stands still- the squirrels chasing one another around its trunk, the birds perching and singing upon its branches. The love to love, this is the best kind.

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