In the End

In the End

There is no us or them

Protons & Neutrons

Shoes & Pavement

Conservatives & Liberals

Chords & Melodies

This & That

Immigrants & Citizens

Can’t I be a cat person and a dog person?

Blacks & Whites

Rain & Shine

Poor & Rich

Male & Female

Vegetarians & Meat Eaters

Did the idea of us or them start with

Homosapien’s & Neanderthal’s?

Or was it when we had to start checking boxes to identify ourselves?

White, not Hispanic


Sexually Active

Perhaps when we started adding ist to the end of words

I am a(n)…



Civil Rights Activist

Unitarian Universalist


Israeli’s & Palestinian’s

both want a peaceful home

Sunni’s & Shia’s

both want to know God

Children & Adults

both need love and laughter

North Koreans & South Koreans

both want to be happy

Bloods & Crips

both have a desire to belong

Prisoners & Jailors

both want to be free

Grandparents & Grandchildren

both like to feel alive

The Sun & The Moon

both float gracefully in the sky

Cats & Dogs

both have a beating heart

Women & Men

both came from the womb of inherent goodness

Night & Day

are one

We All

want a peaceful home

want to know God

need love and laughter

want to be happy

have a desire to belong

want to be free

like to feel alive

float gracefully in the sky

have a beating heart

came from the womb of inherent goodness

Are One

So does it really matter what box we check?

Replace us with we

Replace them with all

Replace us with are

Replace them with one

We All Are One

May this be our beginning