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Stories have the ability to both divides and connect us. Our stories of ‘others’ can be incomplete and filled with assumptions. We often judge and argue without really knowing another person’s background or lived experience. At the same time, we can struggle for our own voices and perspectives to be heard. 


Soul Stories exists to create spaces of authentic dialogue and connection. We help people develop skills to have challenging conversations and form meaningful relationships within and between communities so we can move past the issues separating us and preventing progress.


Over the last 5 years, we have hosted over 100 events that have impacted 2,500+ participants in the metro Denver area. Our events combine dialogue, storytelling, and creative expression to create spaces where different perspectives can be shared and heard. We value difficult conversations and sharing personal stories as a way to build empathy and expand our world view. 


It’s more important now than ever that we learn how to be in dialogue with one another so we can build healthy communities and relationships.


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"In 2013, My Co-Founder, Alex Black and I sat down in our living room. It was at a point in my life when I was struggling. I had just moved to Denver, my mom (in Ohio) was dealing with pill addiction, and a close friend of mine developed a serious mental health disease. On this night, Alex and I were real with each other. We shared every emotion and thought going on inside of us. It was in this moment, that we felt connected and supported. So we asked the question, what if there was a space to connect through our shared humanity? As it has evolved, we have taken on more and more challenging topics. Our storytellers and participants have been willing  to share themselves with courage and grace. I feel grateful to have grown alongside this community."

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