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" has become urgent that we communicate. We have to share our consciousness and to be able to think together, in order to do intelligently whatever is necessary. If we begin to confront what’s going on in a dialogue group, we sort of have the nucleus of what’s going on in all society."

- David Bohm, On Dialogue

The structures of each conversation are carefully constructed by a team of experienced facilitators dedicated to creating an atmosphere where critical ideas and vulnerable stories can be shared. Our goal is to unpack and humanize challenging personal and social topics as a way of increasing self and social awareness to help advance our society's consciousness.


  • Guiding Question

  • Low-Risk, High Energy and Grounding Group Activities

  • Break Out Groups, 1:1 Discussion and/or Personal Reflection

  • Facilitated Fish Bowl Dialogue

Events: ​

Over the last 4 years, we have partnered with storytellers, facilitators, and community members to create intimate and challenging spaces around topics like Relationships, Fear, Race, Vulnerability, Gender, Ignorance, and Empathy.

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