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Why Partner?

The Soul Stories team and community is made up of experienced facilitators and storytellers who create space for vulnerable sharing, difficult conversations, and connection through each others' stories. The result is an authentically connected community!

Our community events and workshops:

- Decrease feelings of isolation

- Increase empathy, inter & intra personal connection and collaboration

- Promote emotional and mental health and well being

- Create cultural understanding 

Steps to Partner

1. Identify workplace, school or community to work with

2. Schedule an appointment

3. Choose the type of event

    - Creative storytelling & community building event

    - Interactive dialogue workshop

4. Co-create an event or workshop with our team

Current & Previous Partners

- Aurora Public Schools: "A Story"

- Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault 

- Denver Public Libraries

- Edgar L. Page: Feel the Movement

- In.Visible Paradigms

- Mercury Cafe 

- Stain'd Arts

- The Wild Ride 

- University of Colorado Anschutz: Office of Diversity and Inclusion

- U.S. Brazil Connect 


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Founder/Executive Director:

Danny Mazur

Creative Director:

Shelsea Ochoa 

Community Advisory Board:

Hamish Pike

Shelsea Ochoa

Ellie Swensson

Kamga Tchassa

Joe Horton

Hannah Skewes

Project Teams

1st Sunday's:

Shelsea Ochoa

The Soul Stories Podcast:

Kamga Tchassa


Hannah Skewes

Approaching the Unknown:

Kristen Wade

Hamish Pike