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A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table facilitates critical conversations, dismantles biases, and cultivates social consciousness.

Previous Events:

"How Denver is Changing" - 01/26/19 @ New Legacy Charter School 

Through storytelling, facilitated dialogue and a panel comprised of experts on gentrification we worked to understand this ever-transforming city, and how it relates to race, ethnicity, and economic disparity.

"A Conversation with NANO" - 03/15/19 @ Northwest Aurora Neighborhood Organization (NANO)

Our team of facilitators partnered with NANO to host a dialogue and share stories between new and long time residents of Aurora to discuss what neighborhood inclusion looks like when demographics shift.

Meet the Team

Jhasmyne Cooper-Moore is a recent graduate of CSU Fort Collins who earned her B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice. She was born and raised in the Denver Metro Area and has a passion to give back to the communities that have had an impact on the woman she is today. She hopes that this "A Seat at the Table" can be one of the many contributions to the work that is already being done around Race, Ethnicity, and Gentrification in the communities of Denver. It is important that the history of Denver is not only preserved but shared and held sacred to the residents who occupy the city. Everyone has there own story when it comes to the rapid changes of Denver. The intention is that these conversations can be the beginning to healing and elevating our communities to flourish. 

Jalen Taylor is the Program Development Director for BCDI-Denver. She is passionate about these conversations around race and gentrification because in her lifetime she has had to move six times because of the effects of gentrification. As an advocate in her community she wants to bring awareness to the effects it is having by humanizing the topic through individuals' stories with the hope that their words will impact others to become catalysts for change in Denver.

Isaiah Martin, one of the co creators for a seat at the table event is a denver native. A recent graduate from Colorado State University, Isaiah received his bachelors in political science while minoring in ethnic studies. To Isaiah, this event is not only the first step to an pertinent conversation, but is important for the preservation of the history of minoritised communities in Denver. “With such rapid change in Denver, it’s is our duty to make sure that the history of the marginalized in Colorado is protected to ensure the forward momentum of future generations”- Isaiah Martin 


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